Free TECHLINK iPhone App v3.1

iWires is a range of cables available throughout Apple stores worldwide. The range covers all the connections you may require for linking your Apple Mac products together with any peripheral devices - but which cable do you need to link your Mac Book to an external hard drive or a printer, or to link your Mac Pro to a printer or scanner?


Enter the TECHLINK iWires app - this simple, free app will enable you to select and store all the cable information you require for your Mac product. First identify your Mac item, choose the device you want to link to and the iWires app lists all the cable alternatives you may want to use. Not sure which socket on your Mac is used for which cable? The iWires app will also identify these for you and give you a brief explanation about each cable and socket.


The App has been redesigned to now cover the iPhone and iPad and the Search functionality has been completely overhauled to provide a quicker, user-friendly interface.


The TECHLINK iWires app is available, for free, from the Apple Apps Store right now.

There is more information on the cable range here.


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Description - Just bought a Mac? Not sure which cables you require? iWiresTM is a new range of cables launched into the Apple Store, covering all the connections you will require to connect your Mac product to TV's, Monitors, Stereos, etc.


This simple, free app will enable you to select and store all the cables you require for your Mac products whilst also identifying what those ports on the side of your Mac that you never did quite know what they were for.


Price - Free.