FAQ Question 4


Does the AV50R have 2 in/outs?

Recently purchased an AV50R for a TV with just one SCART. We have a Digi box, VCR & DVD recorder. We use the VCR to record "same day viewing" & the DVD to record films or features for viewing another day.
The AV50R instructions suggest AV5 is the only in and out socket but in theory I need two in/out SCART`s. Can I record to the VCR and also to the DVD? (That is, one or the other - not both simultaneously.)
Appreciate your reply,
Derek Tarrant

Hello Derek
Indeed, the AV50R only has one in/out connection and that is the AV5 socket. The other three SCART connections are wired only for input. I cannot see an easy way around your conundrum I am afraid.
A thought - does both your VCR and DVD-R have twin SCARTs? If so, you could connect the AV5 to one SCART on your VCR, connect a SCART from VCR to the DVD-R and then a SCART from the DVD-R back into one of the other inputs on the AV50R. While a little complex - this would allow you to record a SCART source input on the AV50R to either VCR or DVD-R or allow you to play DVDs and VCRs albeit through the same input on the AV50R.
Hope that helps Derek.
Best regards,