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HDMI 10m cable/ Art 680209

Hi There,
Is the above cable compliant with HDMI v1.3 or certified as v1.3 compliant?

Dear Charles,
The 680209 surpasses V1.3 specification and bandwidth requirements with ease, offering you full 1080p HD at any refresh rate along with plenty of spare bandwidth for additional V1.3 features such as deep-colour, auto lip-sync etc. So yes, it is comfortably V1.3 compliant.
As a by-the-by, no 10m HDMI cable can officially claim to be V1.3 ‘certified’ as the HDMI Organisation only certify cables to 3m in length at present. Many cables that have never been anywhere near an official HDMI test facility do claim to be officially ‘certified’ in marketing materials simply because the HDMI Organisation hasn’t got any real power (manpower/resources etc) to keep check of all manufacturers – particularly unbranded Chinese cables.
As one of the world’s largest producers of HDMI cables, Techlink cannot afford to be quite so cavalier with our marketing materials as we are an official HDMI Orgnization member and HDMI Orgnization HDMI adopters.
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Webmaster's comment on HDMI 1.4:

All current TECHLINK HDMI cables up to and including 3 meters in length are HDMI 1.4 certified by HDMI Licensing, LLC.


Currently the HDMI organization only tests and certifies HDMI 1.4 cables up to and including 3m in length. There is no test for longer lengths which means any manufacturer claiming official HDMI specification of any variety for cables over 3m is making an erroneous statement. On the other hand - TECHLINK have undertaken technical and specific "real-world" tests of our long HDMI cables with a variety of HDMI enabled devices and have found all our cables attain or surpass the HDMI 1.4 specification.


The main concern for consumers is whether a cable or adaptor supports the HDMI 1.4 specification. We have tested Wires cables up to 15m (and up to 50m when used with the Wires Repeater) with a 1080i/p and with 4K sources and got a perfect picture. However, the quality is ultimately dependent on the source equipment - we have designed our cables to handle 1080i/p and 4K x 2K resolutions and 99.9% of all the source equipment we have tested so far has worked faultlessly.


All HDMI crossover cables and adaptors, such as HDMI to DVI cables, are HDMI 1.3 compatible due to limitations in the DVI specification.